We managed to drop off school supplies for our community Orang Asli pre-schools in Slim River, Gopeng & Gerik to start of their new term in 2015. School supplies included stationaries, school lessons, workbooks and tools for the teachers for the start of the new school term. Unfortunately, we were not able to drive further up to our school in Gua Musang due to the floods. Praying that the folks there are safe.

After dropping off the school books and supplies at the OA villages of Slim River and Gopeng, we then found out that the road into the two OA Community Pre-schools in Gerik was not accessible due to the heavy down pour that turned the logging road into a mud slide. We had to send in the pre-school books and supplies to the teachers with the help of a village boatman.

Now we are still waiting to get information if our community pre-school in Gua Musang managed to survive the floods. Hope everyone is safe. www.empowered2teach.org

Update: We are extremely thankful to hear that our community pre-school in Gua Musang managed to survive the floods. Our community pre-school teacher Haini is hard at work supporting relief groups who are trying to help bring in basic supplies into the interior villages. Due to the floods, the road into her village is still not accessible. Many communities in the interior still struggle to find adequate food and supplies. Lets hope that as the flood waters recede and people return to their respective homes, we will not forget that people affected by these floods still require much support to help them rebuild their lives again.

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