SUKA Society partners with Fulbright English Teaching Assistant’s who are teaching in the nearby vicinity of our Orang Asli pre-schools. They provide English lessons for our Orang Asli teachers so that they can improve and provide better lessons for the pre-schools.

Here’s an excerpt from Bryan’s account during his visit to Kampung Dala, the village of our Orang Asli teachers who he spent the year teaching.

I made my way out to Kampung Dala during Hari Raya  to visit a group of teachers that myself and a few other ETAs tutor. SUKA Society, a Malaysian non-profit, connected us with these teachers from a preschool in the village meant to provide an early education for the Temiar children, who typically fall behind their peers in the first few years of primary school.

After roasting the fish we caught, we returned to the school. While sitting around drinking teh tarik, the group of men asked if I could teach them some English. They sat in the preschool classroom, pen in hand, as I went over some basic phrases. Like my secondary school students, they would say, “Teacher, I don’t understand. Teacher, how do you say?” The lesson went on for more than an hour, and, afterwards, the guys laughed as they tried out their new English phrases. It was one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had in Malaysia.

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