training at lenggengOn the 9th & 10th February 2015, SUKA Society organized a self-help skills program for immigration officers at the Lenggeng Immigration Detention Center. The objective was to equip officers with practical skills to manage stress & negative emotion and to encourage personal growth, motivation and building self esteem among immigration officers.

Our trainer and clinical psychologist, Alex Lui focused on the motivation of basic biological, psychological and emotional needs that govern action, the importance of being emotionally aware and how emotions, thoughts, behavior and physiological reactions are interrelated and co-dependent. Participants were also provided content on emotional intelligence, emotional dilemmas and the effect of emotions and stress on family and work.The day 2 lectures focused on the definition and importance of stress, the effects of stress and strategies to respond to and manage stress through personal development skills. Participants were also provided strategies to build resiliency, change cognitive errors and addressing anger management.

It is important that those working with children have the ability to remain self controlled, with the right attitude and conduct at all times despite being in a tough environment such as a detention center.