Hi! My name is Izam and I am thirteen years old. I am the eldest out of four siblings. Since young, I love making new friends and getting involved in the activities carried out in the Kampung Sungai Bil community school. The extra classes have helped me with the opportunity to learn and mingle with the other children in the village. My teachers are always there to help me with my homework and school lessons whenever I need the extra guidance.

My brother, Speranza Atalia is also attending the village pre-school. He is only four years old this year but has learned to write the alphabets and numbers well. The best thing about attending this school is that everyone helps each other out. We also help our weaker friends who need the extra guidance. My favourite activity in the community school is learning about the Orang Asli traditions, the Semai language and traditional games.

The highlight of my life last year was when I collected my UPSR examinations results. My family, teachers and friends were so proud of me when I achieved 2A’s, 2B’s and 1C. I really want to thank my teachers and friends for their guidance. I will continue to study hard so that I am able to do well in my studies. I want to carve a pathway leading the way for the younger Orang Asli generation by being a successful example in the future.

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