Advocate for a victim centric approach in protecting and restoring trafficked women and children.
Create Alternatives to Detention (ATD) initiatives for children affected by arrest and detention.
Provide Orang Asli children access to pre-school education through the empowerment of Orang Asli teachers (E2T).
Through your continued support, we aim to achieve the following tangible targets for each of our projects throughout 2015 – 2016.
55 Marginalised unaccompanied children to receive continued protection and care through an individual case management programme.
120 Orang Asli children provided with pre-school
education within their own communities to help prepare them for primary school.
144 Therapeutic sessions conducted to help trafficked women and children. 80-100 women and 20-30 children attend each session.
520 Immigration detention officers, protection shelter officers and community leaders trained to be child sensitive and have the right tools to manage children under their care.
2 Water projects for the Orang Asli communities at our pre-schools in Gerik, Perak to overcome challenges in accessing clean water due to pollution.
6 Orang Asli communities located in Slim River, Gopeng, Gerik and Gua Musang empowered to start and run their own pre-schools.
1 Alternative to detention initiative implemented to protect children affected by detention.
13 Orang Asli teachers and assistants equipped with
the abilities and resources to teach pre-school education within his or her community.
11 Children’s rights workshops and camps to help a total of 170 children express their opinions to key decision makers in the country.