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Most Orang Asli children live in remote areas where access to education is severely limited. As such, many enter primary school with little or no ability to read, write and count. This puts them at a significant disadvantage right from the start. It is not surprising that up to 75% of Orang Asli children will not complete their basic education. Pre-school education is crucial in providing young Orang Asli children with a good foundation in basic reading, writing and counting. By empowering the Orang Asli teachers to serve as catalysts for education in their respective villages, we are able to adequately prepare Orang Asli children for primary school education.</p)

This Adopt a School initiative is a CSR opportunity to make a significant impact to the efforts of remote Orang Asli communities in running pre-school classes within their village. The teachers from these community pre-schools go through a year-long training program by SUKA Society in developing their ability to teach effectively. SUKA Society has also worked closely with the community leaders in preparing the classroom space and equipping it with the necessary tools to run their class.

Your adoption of a community pre-school means that you have this unique opportunity to partner a community pre-school class we have set up and work directly with the teachers and the leaders in the community. Your adoption will fund a community pre-school teacher, a teaching assistant and school materials needed to run the class. Each community pre-school provides 20 young children regular lessons to help them learn how to read, write and count. A breakdown of each school’s cost is as follows:

If you require further assistance from SUKA Society in supporting the pre-school you have adopted, we are more than happy to provide the following add-on services –











If you would like to understand more or be part of  our Adopt a School initiative, do fill up the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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