Community Placement &
Case Management Manual

SUKA Society, with support from the International Detention Coalition (IDC), has written and designed a Community Placement and Case Management Manual with relevant forms and tools. This Manual was put together by drawing from the policies, procedures and guidelines that has been developed over the years for an on-going Community Placement and Case Management (CPCM) Programme for unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) in Malaysia. The Manual was written primarily as a practical and organised guide to help case managers provide effective case management services for UASC under their care. These resources may be freely downloaded, reviewed, quoted, reproduced or translated, in full or in part for non-commercial purposes only, particularly in application to ongoing work related to community placement and case management.


The Case Supervision Manual provides direction for new and experience case supervisors on how to supervise case managers within the CPCM programme. It combines both the social work and clinical supervision models into an integrated framework for case supervisors to support their case managers in their work with UASCs. The Case Supervision Manual guides the case supervisors on what they can do to help their case managers recognise and overcome the challenges they may face at various stages of the case management process. It provides a theoretical framework for case supervisors to conceptualise their role in supervision and practical steps on what to do as part of their supervisory responsibility.